Who We Are

Creditcare provides accessible and affordable financing to individuals and entrepreneurs in Zambia. We know first hand what it means to be financially excluded and we are here to fill that gap.

Our Core Values

Our values guide our actions


We go above and beyond to ensure that our products are more affordable and accessible. Our staff members are also committed to ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

Customer Experience

Our focus is to build a value based, long term relationship with you. We focus on your needs and goals. Empowering you is important to us.

Technology Driven

We are passionate about technology. We will continue investing in online platforms and applications that will enable you to interact better with our business. We have advanced systems that enable you to view your loan statements, request for additional credit facilities and so much more.

Our Responsible Lending Principles

Responsible lending is at the cornerstone of our business, Creditcare strictly prohibits misleading, fraudulent or abusive lending practices. Our objective is to lend responsibly and build long term relationships with our clients that is based on trust and transparency. We achieve this by adhering to the following responsible lending practices;

We provide our clients with clear information about our products in a manner they can understand in order for them to make rightful financial decisions.

We only extend credit to clients whom we believe have ability to repay the credit according to its terms and conditions without becoming over indebted.

We price our credit products and services based on appropriate market factors, always ensuring that the products are affordable and reasonable.

We provide timely feedback to client questions and complaints and make appropriate corrective measures.

All in all, we commit to ethical behavior in all credit process, including loan approvals, servicing and collections, and ensure due processes for resolving disputes with the aim of engaging clients in good faith to support their financial goals as a going concern.